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Consider Hiring a Contractor for These Backyard Upgrades

by PREMIER REALTY GROUP, Inc. 01/03/2022

Real estate professionals point to curb appeal as a critical factor in attracting offers and increasing resale value. While a well-manicured lawn and flowering gardens are wonderful assets, homeowners may also want to consider investing in backyard improvements.

Too often, homeowners spend weekends laboring in their front yards and hire contractors to remodel the interior of the home. New kitchens and bathrooms usually deliver sound returns on investment, but skipping backyard builds fails to maximize the peaceful enjoyment of the property and limits the potential resale value. These are some reasons why hiring a contractor to build out a portion of your backyard may be a smart decision.

Hire a Contractor to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Picking up a charcoal or propane grill at a big box retail outlet certainly allows everyday people to enjoy cooking outdoors. These relatively inexpensive products usually last a few years and are easy to replace. Although they modestly add to the backyard experience, grills increase resale value by zero.

By contrast, working with a contractor to create an outdoor kitchen delivers a significant return on investment and enhances your quality of life experience. The backyard build typically involves laying down a stone, brick or concrete floor. High-quality buildouts often employ masonry professionals to create an infrastructure topped with slate, marble or weather-rated countertop materials.

A natural gas line can be integrated to fuel a stainless steel grill, side burners and even a small refrigerator. Installing outdoor-rated electricity means homeowners can plug in coffee pots and their favorite gadgets. Including extra storage space means you can securely pack everything up when necessary. An outdoor kitchen ranks among the proven backyard builds that delivers a significant return on investment.

Work With a Contractor to Build a Shed Getaway

Sometimes you want a private space all your own. Unfortunately, the idea of retreating to a bedroom, den or home office does not necessarily always work. Knocks on the door and noise interruptions can upend the tranquility people sometimes require.

Custom sheds and outbuildings remain hot-trending retreats. They remain relatively inexpensive stick-built structures that can integrate solar panels, electricity and even running water. Some property owners consider including composting toilets to sidestep the cost of tying into the sewer or on-site septic system.

That being said, an experienced contractor can customize an outbuilding to meet the square footage, height and specific needs for a peaceful getaway shed. Depending on the size and intricacy, many can be completed in a few days to a week. A customized outbuilding enhancing your quality of life and possesses a definable resale value.

Hire a Professional to Build Hardscape Elements

Sometimes a backyard requires multiple elements to turn it into a defined landscape. Stone walkways, for example, create opportunities to integrate lush gardens on either side, trellises for sweet-smelling flowering vines to flourish and provide secure footing.

Fencing is an element that defines property lines and innovative fence designs can enhance a landscape with color and style. Professionally installed fences deliver increased privacy and that adds value. Standalone patios and sitting areas also create spaces that homeowners can relax and enjoy the peaceful use of their backyards.

Although backyards sometimes fall down the improvement priority list, upgrades often improve homeowners' leisure experience and property values. There's no reason to skip your backyard when hiring a contractor to build it out results in improved quality of life and increased property value.